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homemade pasta

A few months ago while cleaning out my kitchen, I found the pasta machine that had been given to me years before, tucked neatly in the back of a cabinet that rarely sees the light of day. Still in its unopened box, I grabbed it and vowed to one day open it and attempt to make my own pasta.

That day came a several weeks ago and since then, it’s been a lot of testing in the kitchen. I tried several versions of the dough before I finally got the recipe just the way I wanted it. First I tried it with a mixture of all-purpose flour and cake flour (to lighten it) but I didn’t like it. Then I tried it with just all-purpose flour but I didn’t love that either. Both versions I tried making in the food processor, but I wasn’t crazy about the texture, so I opted for the old-fashioned way like all those Italian grandmothers have been doing for centuries, making it on the counter (also hoping it would channel in some luck if I did it their way). And I changed the recipe…again. What I finally decided on was an equal mixture of all-purpose flour and semolina flour. I love the texture that the semolina flour gives the dough, as well as the slightly yellowed hue from the flour. The result is a soft, delicious dough that works perfectly every time. In fact, making your own pasta dough is really quite easy. I run the dough through my pasta machine and hand cut tagliatelle for my homemade bolognese, use it in homemade ravioli, or make spaghetti for my favorite dish, spaghetti carbonara (see below). So if you’re one of those people like I was with a pasta machine buried under a host of things you only use once a year, I suggest you dig it out, because there’s nothing quite like homemade pasta.

homemade pasta dough | photo by: Karen Covey

from top left: combine equal parts all-purpose flour and semolina flour in a bowl; pour flour onto a counter and make a well in the center (make sure sides of well are high); slowly add eggs, water, olive oil and salt to inside of well; using a fork, carefully begin to pull in flour from around the well, incorporating into eggs, continuing until most of flour is incorporated (finish bringing dough together with your hands and refrigerate for 30 minutes before continuing with pasta machine). For full homemade pasta recipe, click here.

spaghetti carbonara | photo by: Cassandra Birocco


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