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kicked-up grilled cheese

The humble grilled cheese sandwich it truly one of my favorites (I mean how can you not like oozy, gooey cheese, right!?). But aside from that, the possibilities for combinations and flavors are endless. And this latest concoction is one of my new favorites. CONTINUED »

ricotta crostini with pea purée


Fresh spring peas are really the star in this recipe (in a pinch, frozen ones work too). It’s ready in minutes and super easy to increase for Easter entertaining. Serve as is, with some fresh prosciutto on top or even add in some fresh lemon zest into the pea purée for a bit of added flavor.

Pea Purée
1/3 cup fresh (or frozen) peas
1 tablespoon chopped fresh flat-leaf Italian parsley CONTINUED »

10 tips for a better budget


I have to admit, I hate doing taxes. Mostly because my desk is piled high with folders, all containing printed receipts from a thousand different things, peeking out from inside them (ah, the life of a freelancer!). But I have finally finished them and like I do every year around this time, I start analyzing my budget and where my pennies go. I know I’m not the most budget-conscious, but I do try. And I’d like to think that every year, I try just a little bit harder. Here are a few of my favorite tips to get (and keep you) on track: CONTINUED »

mango + avocado salad

mango + avocado salad

As I write, I’m starring at swirls of white snow blowing across my kitchen window. Another snow storm. In March no less. The calendar may say spring but this year Mother Nature has her own ideas about when winter will be over. I’ve spent most of my life in New England and while snow in March in nothing new, it’s never a welcome sight. I’m doing my best to transport myself to somewhere else today. ANY where else. Even if I have to do it through food. And this salad does just that. Something about the color and flavor of a mango instantly transports me to a much warmer place. This bright, vivid salad is a great balance of creamy and sweet, with just a hint of bitterness from the arugula. And perfect for a snow day. CONTINUED »

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