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small spaces can prevail

I’m newly single and have since downsized into a smaller home with much less space. At first, I couldn’t imagine how all of my stuff was going to make its way into such a small space but somehow it ended up being a good thing for me. I have all that I need and very little room for things that I don’t. And there’s definitely something to be said for editing your stuff. Unfortunately my forced editing happened because of a divorce, but the end result has been good for me. I have less stuff in general and what I have is most important to me, and it all has a purpose. CONTINUED »

not another Forrest Gump please

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of chain restaurants but once in a great while, I’ll make an exception. And when I heard the Five Guys Burgers + Fries chain (www.fiveguys.com) had made it’s way up the East Coast from Virginia, I thought I should try it. After all, they’ve been getting rave reviews from customers since 1986…and all of those people can’t possibly be wrong. CONTINUED »

seasonally inspired

No question about it, one of my favorite things in life is discovering a new restaurant. Recently my friends took me to Seasons 52 (www.seasons52.com), a local restaurant down the street from where they vacation in Fort Lauderdale. Now when you have a friend who also knows food, he’s going to point you in the right direction. And this time was no exception. Dan was right on the money.

For me, going out to eat is an experience, and I enjoy the whole part of it. From the ambiance to the wine to the food, it’s all part of it for me. And I savor it all. So when a restaurant delivers on all notes, it’s definitely blog-worthy. CONTINUED »

find the right supermarket

As a single cook, one of the most important things is to avoid buying excess ingredients. That’s why I tend to shop often, and in small quantities. I realize this philosophy is not for everyone, but if you can shop in small quantities, you’re ahead of the game right from the beginning.

I have a great local market near where I live and they have a great selection of fresh produce as well as some pretty interesting specialty items. I wander around the market when I have some time because I always find something there I’ve never heard of before like watermelon radishes (see recipe), and it always inspires me. I can buy many of their items in small quantities which allows me to sample a lot of different items without a big commitment. But for my main grocery shopping, I am a huge fan of Whole Foods. Not only do they have the freshest stuff around, but I like that I can go into the store and buy a single chicken breast, a single steak or a single portion of ground beef. It caters to people like me, the single cook and makes cooking for myself both easy and efficient. And it allows me the variety in my cooking that I crave because I’m not wedded to large quantities of one item for a long period of time. CONTINUED »

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