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simple ingredients, perfectly prepared

There’s something about a meal that stays with you long after you eat it. Recently mine was at Scampo in The Liberty Hotel in Boston. Scampo is award-winning chef Lydia Shire’s newest restaurant and the menu offers a wide variety of contemporary Italian cuisine. The meal started off with homemade breadsticks and a delicious fava bean purée that was both smooth and creamy. The classic tomato, mozzarella and basil brick oven pizza sounds ordinary but did not disappoint. The pizza’s thin crust was perfectly charred and is made with only the freshest ingredients, including some of their own house-made mozzarella. But it was the tomatoes that I remember the most. Slow-cooked to perfection, they were what made this pizza simply perfect.

The restaurant’s name means “escape” in Italian, and fits perfectly on the ground level of this amazing hotel, formerly an old jail. The Liberty Hotel is an architectural work of art in its own right with many of the remnants of the old jail incorporated into its design. So the next time you’re in Boston, visit the hotel and enjoy a fabulous meal at Scampo (www.scampoboston.com). And be sure to hang around for the hotel’s nightlife — it’s one of the hottest spots in Boston.


learning about your friends

I love discovering new things about my friends, especially when it involves food. Recently, I discovered that a good friend of mine is a talented cake decorator. Years ago, when her daughter was younger, she would make all of her birthday cakes. And as a result, she became quite good at cake decorating. Apparently there’s a book of photographs of all of her cakes that I haven’t seen yet, but I had the pleasure of seeing (and tasting) one for myself. A short time ago, for her son’s Red Sox birthday party, she made a Wally the Green Monster cake (the official mascot of the Boston Red Sox!) that was a true work of art. And it tasted as good as it looked.

What’s interesting to me is that I’ve also recently learned that this same friend has never used a food processor. Several weeks ago, someone brought oreo truffles to her house for a party. I wasn’t able to go to the party and by the time I saw my friend a couple of days later, all of the truffles were gone. I’m not exactly sure where the recipe comes from, but there are several versions of it circulating on the internet. So shortly thereafter, when a few of us were invited to her house for a dinner party, she made us the oreo truffles.
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catch of the day

Recently, I had the pleasure of enjoying some freshly caught striper from a friend of mine. When fish comes to you this fresh (cleaned and scaled as well), there isn’t much you need to do to it. A simple preparation is always the best – cooked on the grill with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add in a few slices of onion and some fresh tomatoes and it was perfect. The taste was clean and delicious. And what’s better than eating something so completely fresh.

I’m not really sure I understand the lure of heading out in the early hours of the morning to fish, but I’m always happy to eat the catch of the day.

starting a business

As anyone who’s done this knows, starting a business is a lot of work. And a website is no different. But I love what I do and am happy every day that I did it. My website has become my passion, and has pretty much taken over my life. I think about food, I write about food, and of course, I eat. And I eat. I test recipes all the time and fall asleep thinking of new ways to interpret old favorites. And how to turn them into recipes for one.

So for all of you who have already found my website, thank you. And thanks for your patience as I continue to grow my site, add more great recipes and make changes and updates to it that will continue to make it a better resource for you. I’m happy you’re here, and be sure to tell all of your friends about it as well! If you’d like to drop me a note, I’d love to hear your comments. Email me at: karen@gourmetrecipesforone.com.

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