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eating through Mexico.

One block up from the main street of Avenue de Cinco (5th Avenue) in Playa del Carmen is a small storefront making some of the best tacos in the area. And unless you ventured off the beaten path, you’d never find it. What makes these particular tacos so good is the ingredients. Homemade tortillas, rolled to order, are simply topped with lightly fried fish (or shrimp), homemade coleslaw and pico de gallo. No frills, nothing fancy, just really good. So good that I visited this place more than once. For $1 a taco, you can’t beat it. Part of what I love about traveling is discovering new places, and for me, the most fun way to do that is through the food.

mexico | photo by: Karen Covey

from top left: homemade tortilla dough; rolling out the dough to order and using a tortilla press to flatten; lightly cooking them on the flat-top; deep frying the fish for the tacos.

fish tacos | photo by: Karen Covey

made-to-order fish tacos.

From an unexpected noodle bar serving up some really great pad thai and killer spring rolls to one of the best bowls of onion soup I’ve ever had anywhere (including France), this trip had lots of fun food discoveries. I’ll omit the story of the super hot sauce poured over a pork taco from a street vendor that left my mouth on fire for hours (although the pork rocked) but some of the other highlights including several plates of delicious, perfectly fried coconut shrimp and one really good dish of garlic shrimp. Much can be discovered with some research, a little experimenting (watch out for those sauces!) and a good bit of luck along the way.


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