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learning about your friends

I love discovering new things about my friends, especially when it involves food. Recently, I discovered that a good friend of mine is a talented cake decorator. Years ago, when her daughter was younger, she would make all of her birthday cakes. And as a result, she became quite good at cake decorating. Apparently there’s a book of photographs of all of her cakes that I haven’t seen yet, but I had the pleasure of seeing (and tasting) one for myself. A short time ago, for her son’s Red Sox birthday party, she made a Wally the Green Monster cake (the official mascot of the Boston Red Sox!) that was a true work of art. And it tasted as good as it looked.

What’s interesting to me is that I’ve also recently learned that this same friend has never used a food processor. Several weeks ago, someone brought oreo truffles to her house for a party. I wasn’t able to go to the party and by the time I saw my friend a couple of days later, all of the truffles were gone. I’m not exactly sure where the recipe comes from, but there are several versions of it circulating on the internet. So shortly thereafter, when a few of us were invited to her house for a dinner party, she made us the oreo truffles.
oreo-truffles | photo by Jillian Sol

The recipe for oreo truffles is really easy and takes no time at all. But, it uses a food processor. And apparently it took my friend longer to figure out how to use the food processor then it did to actually make the truffles. But in the end, they were a huge success! So much so that I created a recipe for oreo truffles based on the version she made, but in a more manageable quantity for us singles (since no one will be there to catch you if you start eating them all!).

It’s great when you discover something new about your friends. Wally was a hit. And so were the oreo truffles. I can’t wait to taste what’s next.


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