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a time to reflect.

The calendar has officially turned to December and everything seems to have picked up its pace just a little bit. While my days are filling up with cookie swaps and party invitations, I still have plenty of time to be introspective. And for me, I usually enter this time of year with a pretty heavy heart.

For anyone whose been through a divorce, the holidays can be an even more difficult time of year than usual. While I’ve grown comfortable over the last few years with being alone, I still find the holidays a challenge to my emotional well-being. The boxes of holiday decorations are filled with memories of years past and each ornament reminds me of a time and place, in a life that no longer exists. Fewer and fewer of them ever leave their boxes, and it’s really better that way. Knowing they’re tucked safely away is enough for me because the memories of each reside well into my heart. But sometimes it takes looking back to remind you of where you’ve been and to give you the strength you need to move forward.

I hope this holiday season is one of joy and happiness for all of you. If you’d like to share your own thoughts, I’d love to hear them.


3 responses to a time to reflect.

  • I agree, you are brave to share these feelings with us. I wish you much cheer this season and look forward to meeting sometime soon so I may welcome you into the little Poi community of friends we have here.

  • What a brave spirit you are to be so honest. By sharing the truth of your life I believe you provide medicine to others enduring similar difficulties. The holidays can be so bright or shine a harsh light on what is sorrowful for us. It’s always heart warming to know there is another person on the planet feeling as we might be or understanding our plight. I appreciate your thoughts and beautiful recipes.

  • We all have our own heartaches around the holidays, I’m sorry you’ve had to experience any. I wish that you have a wonderful holiday season making it what you want it to be… and of course filled with lots of goodies :)

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