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when a sandwich becomes a pizza.

Sometimes I’m not really sure where my inspiration comes from but yesterday I got it in my head that I wanted pizza for dinner. And the idea for a reuben pizza was what I was thinking. Last summer, I created a similar recipe with the-not-quite-a-reuben-burger, which has all the flavors of the reuben except that I used ground beef for the burger instead of corned beef (and opted out of the sauerkraut because I’m not a fan of it) so last night, I thought, why not on a pizza.

I made it really easy on myself by taking a lot of shortcuts with this recipe and I saved a ton of time by doing so. First, I bought the dough from my favorite local place that sells it. Then I headed for my local deli and bought their homemade corned beef rather than make it from scratch. Normally I would make my own but it had been a crazy week and I was short on time over the weekend. But if you do have the time, you could certainly make your own corned beef (and dough too). But because I purchased everything I needed, this recipe came together in no time. It was really easy and came out really great. So good in fact that I couldn’t wait to eat it and forgot to take photos! But trust me, if you like a good reuben sandwich, give this reuben pizza recipe a try, it won’t disappoint.


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